Zara Quickly Fashion Article

Zara Quickly Fashion

Inditex -- Zara: Fast fashion

Case evaluation

Company Composition and Desired goals Overview

Zara's vision about growth and global approach

-Building up fixed property

-Vertical integration

-No advertising, creating premium retailers

-Fashion follower – QR to products

-Strongly consumer oriented

-Stable growth

-Markdowns half the average (15% as supposed to thirty percent )

-Pricing market primarily based

Business model:

-Vertical operations and downstream activities

-Multi-chain strategy

-Creative style team

-Competitive advantage – Sustainable growth

(As connection: Porter's Five forces; Firm structure; Financials)

Trouble Statement

Growth challenge – 20% per annum expected, 76% of equity value acted on Inditex's stock selling price was based upon expectations about future progress. Failure to offer expected development results could cause a serious balance in company's market capitalization. Room intended for nonlocal growth – in average a retailer was present in 15 countries while e. g. a pharmaceutical company proportioned operations in 125 countries. Problem statement is: About what geographical area(s) should even more Zara enlargement follow? Will need to there become another logistics-distribution centre produced as increase of functions might cause dis-economies of size? Should it get additional organizations given the complexity of managing these and the risk of own-product-replacements? Maintain the margins; (visible menace to the sustainability of Index's competitive advantage)

Evaluation in the alternative alternatives

1 . Development challenge:


-not very much potential within the local market;

-different markets need different positioning

-though costs grow since distance expands, prices as well change (margins are kept) -50% of most export is to developing countries

-Zara buyer visits your local store 17 moments a year, normal is 2-4 times -Creating a local climate of shortage and chance in stores

Assess growth alternatives in different market segments:


The european union str4

- production in North...