Essay about Thirteen Reasons Why: Hannah Baker

Thirteen Main reasons why: Hannah Baker

Character Chief – Hannah Baker

Inside the realistic fictional novel, 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher, Hannah Baker is your average fresh freshman that just joined town. She is a simple woman at heart that admires candies, hot chocolate, and publishing poetry. However , things are placed in a different point of view when the girl meets Clay Jensen; reputations and associations will be disheartened. Thirteen sound tapes happen to be sent to people who caused her pain, misery and consequently her death. They are going to soon notice that Hannah's unintended death wasn't so random.

In Thirteen Reasons Why, Hannah Baker could be peceived as a vengeful person. The reason is , the audio tapes that Hannah directs aren't utilized for self-reflection. Rather, she delivers the coup to put her listeners in her shoes or boots and to demonstrate to them how it feels to be falsely accused of issues that usually are true. This kind of justifies just how her problems cannot be fixed. For example , the moment Hannah confronts Jessica in her recording, she concerns Jessica and the rest of the persons involved in the event they have observed the scars they have forgotten because most of them aren't noticed by the naked eye.

Another attribute that Hannah posesses will be secretive. No one mentioned in the story really knew how she believed because the girl conceals her feelings and intentions. But , the reason that she held her thoughts and feelings to very little was as it could've pass on to more rumors. For instance , Hannah left an private note in her expert communications class to be reviewed the next day. Usually, when paperwork are still left, it's an open discussion with out the person being disclosed. However , when the matter of suicide was raised, everyone thought that they only left that note to get attention.

Lastly, Hannah Baker is usually described as obstinate. She will not take other people's advice to offer her the reassurance and closure she wanted to listen to. Despite Clay's attempts to try and talk to her, she always tends to close people away and wallow in self-pity. For...