Essay regarding The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper

The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward cullen Hopper

The Similarities of Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper

Alfred Hitchcock, also known as, " The Master of Suspense”, was obviously a director into a variety of award winning films. Many Hitchcock movies will be significantly inspired by simply numerous artwork, including the work of iconic artist Edward cullen Hopper. Hopper, born in New York, was well known for his realist paintings. Comparing the works of art and movies, one will discover the similarities displayed between the two. Alfred Hitchcock and Edward Hopper are linked by creating an eerie mood through their make use of lighting, structure, and standpoint. Both Hitchcock and Hopper tend to employ dark lamps with shadows as well as separating a small group seen coming from an ‘outside looking in' point of view. Edward cullen Hopper will be able to capture suspense in his art and this individual does this through his utilization of lighting. He casts shadows and darkness in particular works of art in order to convey the feelings he would like to achieve. In the most famous art work, " Nighthawks”, Hopper uses shadows as being a technique to create a strange knowledge about the picture. The only mild in the portrait appears to be from the diner by itself. It casts shadows on the exterior which makes the viewer question what will happen following. Because it is darker, there is something eerie about how come these people happen to be up therefore late during the night. Similar to Hopper, Hitchcock uses mysterious shadows to create this specific mood. This is certainly seen through a still picture of his movie " Backside Window”. Throughout this scene, the primary character Jeff, who is a wheel couch bound photojournalist, is faced with Lars Thorwald, a journeying jewelry jeweler who Rob believes murdered someone. Lars shows up in Jeff's flat and the lamps cast after him is dark. His figure can be clearly there but the dark areas cover his face completely, which really helps to show this mysterious, eerie mood. As opposed to Hopper, Hitchcock has an good thing about placing appear into the scene which adds for the atmosphere of uncertainty. Whether it had been time or...

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