Essay regarding Report around the Impact of E-Commerce within an Organisation or Indusrty.

Report within the Impact of E-Commerce within an Organisation or Indusrty.


In my record on the influence of Ecommerce on an company, I have found that in this significantly developing community for any business to survive with its competitors it is significant to involve themselves in E-commerce, through my report you will be able to find the truth to the as I check out how this differs via traditional department shops, how we can Improve customer satisfaction using the internet and most important the Impact of internet by using an Organisation.


I will be reporting on three websites in the mobile phone industry in the UK offering mobile phone providers and high speed to client and two industries in the clothing sector. I will emphasize good features they have on their websites, virtually any bad features they may have got on them and offer any tips I may include.


Link: 3 network is a UK based cellphone services supplier which offers mobile phone services and broadband companies to the open public. In their introduction on their established site is " Our aim is around making mobile communications plus the internet affordable and attainable to everyone. Our organisation reflects this” At a glance it truly is true to admit 3 include indeed produced a remarkable work by the design of its website.

Good features on the website contain;

•An prepared homage – If you are a fresh consumer and therefore are looking for a particular product at 3 and go to their official website it is very no problem finding it by just clicking on what their interest can be on the website. •A lot of content material – simply by looking at the homepage one access all of the mobile phones 3 have offered, all right now there price plans, mobile broadband, your own personal account for several customers, support and support, the company homepage where one can find out about the company all-in-one page. •Features available – on the homepage they is actually a quick person such that if you do not want to locate to much one could search according to product, value plan, and price, this kind of saves on period which is great as buyers do not need to spend permanently searching for the best price strategy. Bad features I found on the website include;

•No help and support – there is a function inviting the public to talk with one of the advisors and I visited it upon 3 distinct days, at different times during the the day and everything it explained was that at present all the experts were active with other buyers and recommended that one mail an email instead. This is not very encouraging, if the function can be bought on a website it ought to be working but not diverting customers to another link as they is going to just look for another service provider. •Different websites – when looking for the 3 website I came across one other website which is also a 3 site which was quite confusing. Intended for consumers this is often discouraging because consumers may query so why there are two website yet the content in them is just duplicated.


•To have a working conversation feature to aid answer customer queries to help maintain buyers and to inspire prospective customers to participate 3. •The presence of 2 websites would not seem relevant especially if they are providing every similar providers to each other. Therefore should try and look after one internet site and mix everything in both websites. This will become cost effective for them and even significantly less confusing to consumers.

Link: T-MOBILE is also one other mobile and internet service provider in the united kingdom and just like 3, UNITED KINGDOM has some related good features which are; •The homepage organized and abundant in content - it is quite no problem finding which ever item you are looking by simply a few clicks and thus great for existing and potential customers. •Help and support- An advantage that O2 features over 3 is that if you need help and support they have a feature online called ‘ask Lucy' and...

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