Essay about Start Up of New Fast Food Sequence in India

Start Up of New Fast Food Chain in India

Group 3


Debashish Dieses

Pallavi Talwar

Hari Das Gupta

Pramod Balakrishnan


Since the first business venture could be the first business venture of the group, we would prefer to maintain the funding internal. The business venture we would commence is

Indian Avenue food restaurant " Pao Khao”

Exec Summary

Pao Khao is known as a locally held fast food wall plug that will be placed as a global franchise through our innovative approach to you�re able to send image and detail business presentation. Pao Khao will provide a variety of excellent foodstuff at value pricing, with fun presentation and atmosphere. Pao Khao is the solution to an increasing demand for snack-type & Ethnic Of india food. In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly hard to differentiate a single fast food store from one other. Delhi NCR, has populace of more than two million. Each of our main concern is to create starting in Gurgaon, ideally close to certainly one of prominent departmental stores in MAGNESIUM road. Later, our hard work will be a additional development of even more retail outlets inside the surrounding region. This plan is able to obtain a position for the original launch of this concept. Added financing will need to be secured to get the two following outlets, awaited in month 13 and early in year three. The auto financing, in addition to the capital contributions coming from shareholders, will permit Pao Khao to effectively open and expand through year two. The initial capital investment will allow Pao Khao to provide their customers having a value-driven, enjoyable experience through the creativity of its pioneers. Pao Khao will attract youngsters and working few (DINK) to create their friends and family with our ground breaking environment, fresh Indian Snack /Ethnic food

1 ) 1 Targets

•To establish a presence as a successful community fast food retailers and gain a market reveal in Delhi NCR Quickest growing take out industry. •To make Pao Khao a destination location for mall-goers,...