Essay about Stand Up Zamboanga!

Operate Zamboanga!

We cannot reject the fact that hatred and lack of unity and peacefulness led to Zamboanga Crisis. Just for example, lately we're facing the pig barrel fraud issue wherein some of each of our recognized political leaders are involved to and they are just planning to divert the people's interest and as a result, a war broke out in Zamboanga City. And in addition racial and religious splendour between Christian believers and Muslims. The MNLF leader Nur Misuari wants to claim Zamboanga City while his own, and strive to guard his selfish ambition by leading his men to cause problems in the city resulting to deaths of blameless people, loss of homes particularly in the affected areas, destruction of properties, trauma, fear, hate, absence at work, missing out crucial lectures and school actions for students, loss in income especially to those who require to job daily to earn a living plus the dwindling state of the city's economy all together.

The government groups and nongovernment offices should work together for faster problems rehabilitation in Zamboanga City as well as the volunteers and community as a whole. They have to implement new strategies how to cope up and solve the conflict conditions in the shortest possible time to prevent further damages. The higher officials should display a role style in purely abiding the city's regulations instead of concerning in certain flaws and techniques. So that the people can discover how to trust and respect these people and can comply with and learn to abide in the government procedures too. They must never tolerate violence and criminal offense so that the persons will not maltreatment and rebel and will discover ways to be God-fearing with righteousness in mind.

We could living in the ultra-modern era where the trend of technology is an excellent help in the rehabilitation program of the town, community, evacuees and long term generation. As an example the use of different media of communications just like radio transmitting, social internet websites like fb and facebook wherein...