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Sorzal Distributors, Inc.

Sorzal Distributors, Incorporation.

Sorzal Vendors, Inc. is an importer and supplier of a wide variety of South American and African artifacts. Also, it is a major supply of authentic charms and pottery made by Tribes of native americans of the south west United States-especially, Hopi a great I deb Navajo. The firm's hq is located in Phoenix az Arizona, with branch offices in Oregon, Miami, and Boston.

Sorzal (named following the national chicken of Honduras) originated being a trading post operation close to Tucson, Az, in the early twentieth century. Through a series of judicious decisions, the organization established alone as one of the more reputable sellers in real Native American jewelry and pottery in the Southwest. Over the years, Sorzal slowly but surely, expanded its product line to include pre-Columbian artifacts coming from Peru and Venezuela and tribal and burial artifacts from The african continent. Through the careful confirmation of the authenticity of these To the south American and African artifacts, Sorzal developed a countrywide reputation among the most re¬spected importers of such items.

In the early 1980's Sorzal additional expanded 4-seasons catalog to include replications . of artifacts. For example , African fertility gods and face masks were made by craftspeo¬ple who also took great pains to make these items to ensure that only the truly acknowledgeable buyer-a collector-would know they were replicas. Sorzal has native crafts people in Central America, South usa, Africa, as well as the southwestern United States who give these replicas, which accounts, however , to get only some of the company's total sales and have discovered most favor among surprise buyers and individuals looking for novelty products.

Sorzal's gross sales are about $12 mil and have elevated at a continuing rate of 20 percent annually over the past decade. Myron Rangard, the business's national product sales manager, linked the revenue increase in part to the extended distribution of South American and African...