Social Effect Analysis: Corporate History of Aware Technologies Composition

Sociable Impact Examination: Corporate Good Cognizant Technology

Group: 1

Organization: Cognizant


1 . Suria Narayanan (PGDMB11/52)

2 . Dhaval Gaur (PGDMB11/16)

3. Rathod Vatsal Suresh (PGDMB11/40)

Data Gathering:

1 . Web-based search on a number of aspects of the company e. g. financials, mile-stones, marketing projects, major corporation structure related changes, code of integrity, major bulletins, mergers & acquisitions, CSR activities, account of older executives and the movements throughout companies, functionality of the organization in regard to the developments in the market, blogs of employees regarding the company/company blog portal (if any), videos, mass media articles, credit agency rankings and audit reports etc . 2 . On the net as well as face-to-face surveys with company staff (present & past), share-traders, partners in CSR activities, vendors, loved ones of the employees (about the work-life balance in Cognizant of their spouse/parents). 3. Interview the Days (past & present), business executives (past & present), major share holders, opponents, employees (past & present). 4. Customer satisfaction ratings, worker satisfaction scores, manager pleasure ratings – all conducted by the firm. Segmentation of information:

1 . Traditional data

2 . Financial info

3. Organizational data

5. Stake Slots related info

5. Corporate Social Responsibility related information

6. Details from rivals

7. Data from ex-employees


1 . Financial Data:

a. Talk about price activity

b. Gross annual reports

c. Company functionality in major financial advancements in the IT field g. Growth costs of the business in several aspects.

e. Discuss holders study analysis

2 . Organizational Data:

f. Organization:

i. Significant changes in structure

ii. Mergers & purchases

iii. Changes in Board/higher-up management

iv. Growth of the organization (vertical &...