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Arduino Kit

Arduino is a instrument for making pcs that can feeling and control more of the physical world than your computer. It's an open-source physical computing program based on an easy microcontroller plank, and a development environment for composing software intended for the table. The Arduino programming dialect is a great implementation of Wiring, an identical physical calculating platform, which is based on the Processing multimedia programming environment. ATmega128

The ATmega is an MCU produced by Atmel with the subsequent specifications: ParameterValue

Flash (Kbytes): 128 Kbytes

Pin Depend: 64

Maximum. Operating Frequency: 16 MHz

CPU: 8-bit AVR

# of Feel Channels: 16

Hardware QTouch Acquisition: No

Max I/O Pins: 53

Ext Stops: 8

USB Speed: Not any

USB User interface: No

SPI: 1

TWI (I2C): 1


Graphic LCD: No

Video Decoder: Not any

Camera Interface: No

ADC channels: almost 8

ADC Image resolution (bits): 12

ADC Velocity (ksps): 15

Analog Comparators: 1

Resistive Touch Screen: No

DAC Image resolution (bits): zero

Temp. Messfuhler: No

Crypto Engine: Zero

SRAM (Kbytes): 4

EEPROM (Bytes): 4096

Self System Memory: YES

External Coach Interface: zero

DRAM Storage: No

NAND Interface: Zero

picoPower: Not any

Temp. Selection (deg C): -40 to 85

I/O Supply Course: 2 . several to 5. a few

Operating Volts (Vcc): 2 . 7 to 5. 5


MPU / MMU: no as well as no

Termes conseilles: 4

Output Compare stations: 8

Type Capture Stations: 2


32kHz RTC: Yes

Arranged RC Oscillator: Yes

Watchdog: Yes

Conductive-Ink Based Contract Sensor

These kinds of bend receptors are unaggressive resistive devices typically created by lounging a strip of resistive ink over a flexible plastic-type substrate, molded as a skinny, flexible red stripe in extent between 1” and 5”. At rest (when laid flat), the bend sensor is definitely characterized by an intrinsic resistance. As the sensor is definitely bent, the resistive elements inside it will be pulled further apart. Fewer adjacent resistive particles get in touch, thereby elevating the level of resistance. Typically, the nominal level of resistance lays among 10kΩ and 50kΩ and increases by a factor of 10 at full deflection. The level of resistance can be converted into a voltage. Inside the layers from the flex messfuhler substrate is a printed style of conductive ink. To conduct electricity, this printer ink contains co2, or silver precious metal, particles merged into a pigmented medium. Typically, the carbon particles are suspended in the ink in order to avoid fading of the pigment as time passes. This type of tattoo can also be properly applied to daily news to avoid absorption into the fibres, thus changing the paper's properties. Yet , the carbon particles could possibly be sensitive to changes in moisture that can bring about smudging from the ink. Real estate:

* hysteresis/noise neglectible)

2. resistance is definitely function of radius of curvature, not really angle for one point * hot temperature and humidity-tolerance

* comparatively low cost

5. customizable (coatings, laminating materials)

Speakjet IC

The SpeakJet is a completely self comprised, single computer chip voice and complex appear synthesizer. By using Mathematical Appear Architecture tm (MSA) technology which controls an internal five channel appear synthesizer to build on-the-fly, infinite vocabulary talk synthesis and complex sounds. The SpeakJet is preconfigured with 72 speech components (allophones), 43 sound effects, and 12 DTMF Touch Tones. Through the choice of these MSA components and in combination with the control of the pitch, charge, bend, and volume guidelines, the user is able to produce unlimited phrases and sound effects, with thousands of variants, at any time. This may not be recorded waveforms or appear fragments but truly synthetic sound. Pin Out:

Pin number # Explanation Functional Specifics

1 RC1/E7 Event Input 7

2 RC0/E6 Function Input 6th

3 E5 Event Insight 5

4 E4 Celebration Input four

5 Gnd Ground

6th E3 Celebration Input three or more

7 E2 Event Insight 2

eight E1 Function Input 1

9 E0...