Essay about Shadow


The photos of ‘Shadows' around the opposite web page are images taken by me and other artists of the different types of shadows you can get. With the images that I on the Internet, the shadows range from those that are made by visitors to those produced by items. My favourite the first is the one with expressions decorated in the crushed stone with a shadow of a persons face above it. I like this one since it's basic but effective and the one that you can recreate easily yourself. One of my own other likes is the certainly one of 3 persons recreating the shadow of somebody sitting within the toilet. I really like this one since it brings connaissance to the photo and an exceptional way of making a ‘shadow' photo. With the photos that I took of dark areas, they are basic ones made by sun light at four o'clock with all the sun coming. I ranged my pictures with photographs of people posing for the shot and things that had been naturally shadowed against a building. My favourite one that was naturally induced is the one with the tree against a building. I like it as it reminds me from the tree around the film Big cat King and because you can see just how low sunlight is from the other complexes shadowing against that building but the woods being the main objective. My different favourites are definitely the ones with YMCA because the main focus and the girl praying under the church window. These were both used next for the chapel when it was a wall structure that was in the open and no different buildings could alter the image. I like the YMCA a single because they are many different images popped into one. All are the same person creating the shadow effect resistant to the wall and I lined all of them differently the moment editing the picture to show that. I like the main one with the lady praying underneath the chapel windows because you cant begin to see the person creating the shadow; you may just begin to see the effect that this has created. Though I like this kind of image very much, I could have made it better by simply including the whole of the chapel window in it to demonstrate more evidently what it was.