Essay about Sample Design Proposal

Sample Theme Proposal

Title of proposed job:

Lead Company

Contact Person's Name: Participant' Name:

Status: Designation:

Enterprise: Qualification:

Treat: Specialization/Expertise:

Mobile phone: Date of Birth/Age:

Send: Phone:

Email: E-mail:

Spouse Agency

Contact Person's Brand: Participant' Brand:

Designation: Status:

Organisation: Qualification:

Address: Specialization/Expertise:

Phone: Date of Birth/Age:

Fax: Telephone:

Email: Email:

Background and value of the project:

Main Goals:

Summary in the Project in 150 words and phrases:

Data Requirements (Please identify the available data and data being procured/collected): Info requirements is determined by objective and scope of every project. A number of the data, for instance , used in our previous Mini-Projects are as follows: - Vector data (Boundary, contour, spot height and so forth )

-- DEM (Digital Elevation Model)

- Landuse/landcover map

-- Satellite images/aerial photographs

- Building footprint maps/settlements

- Hydro-meteorological data (e. g., rainfall, temperatures etc . ), river get across section/discharge -- Socio-economic/demographic data

- Some other data as per project requirements

Methodology (Please specify just how satellite info or any specific model/data will be used in the project):

Expected Results/Outcomes:

Strategy for endorsing and distributing the task results/outcomes inside the host country:

Contribution from the proponents:

The contributions could possibly be in terms of fieldwork expenses, participants' travel and accommodation expense, data obtain cost, price for organizing local workshops etc .

Acceptance from the head of the agency/institution:

The proposed Mini-Project has become approved plus the designated participant will be allowed to carry out the actions as layed out in the proposal for the best curiosity of the organization. The...