Essay regarding Relationship between hypertension and PTSD

Relationship between hypertension and PTSD

In line with the Times of India, new research shows a link between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and cardiovascular disease as a result of the neurological and hormonal respond to chronic anxiety. (ANI, 2013) Post upsetting stress disorder is defined as " a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms might include flashbacks, disturbing dreams and extreme anxiety, along with uncontrollable thoughts about the wedding. ” (Staff, 2011) This actually makes a lot of impression because the body's response to tension is to enhance heart rate, which in turn increases your blood pressure, which can increase blood flow and causing your heart to work very much harder than it would in a relaxed condition.

PTSD has been associated with coronary heart disease and thromboembolic stroke and people with PTSD are more likely to have got hypertension, cholesterol levels, obesity and cardiovascular disease. The hazards for PTSD patients needs to be noted because coronary heart diease can develop after some time as a result of raised blood pressure with turbulence and stress within coronary arteries and hyperlipidemia, which are linked to PTSD. Research shows that people with PTSD have increases in basal heartrate and stress. (Coughlin, 2011) PTSD people also have elevated plasma norepinephrine and 24-hour urine norepinephrine levels which are also linked to stress and anxiety. Great links between PTSD and cardiovascular disease have been observed in a growing number of studies, but some have design limitations. PTSD can be a predictor of physician-diagnosed cardiovascular disease as well as the evidence shows that PTSD increases your risk of coronary heart disease morbidity and fatality. (Coughlin, 2011) This information is smart again mainly because an elevated stress and tension in your arteries can cause your heart to work harder and boost stress human hormones and your human body's response to these hormones.

A recent research of PTSD and heart disease measured...

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