Rohm and Haas Essay

Rohm and Haas

MDP-24: Tactical Marketing Administration Module

Case: Rohm and Haas (A) – Cool product Marketing Strategy

Harvard Business College

Summarized by simply Sattawat (Jet)


• The case raises concern for target audience for further recommendation of new product strategy. • The case is definitely written about failing in product sales volume of new product launching, Kathon MWX. The merchandise is very great compared to competitors'. However , due to poor online strategy, sales were much lesser than target.

Case Summary

• Rohm & Haas (R& H) is chemical organization with a huge selection of different goods. This case focuses on industrial substance, biocides intended for metalworking liquid, Kathon 886 MW and Kathon MWX. • Metalworking fluid can be used in operation such as milling, milling and drilling. The liquid lubricates and cools straight down machine and work part. • Organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, flourish in fluid during production procedure. It triggers production and environmental trouble. Biocides happen to be solution for metal working fluid. • Formulators (Chemical companies) produce concentrate metalworking fluid promote to equipment operators. Biocides are always added in substance to prevent bacteria • Pertaining to biocide, you will discover 2 main markets:

- Focus Biocide sama dengan Add in the first time to make focus metalworking substance (then thin down with normal water 90-95%). > > Age 3-4 several weeks. - Routine service Biocide = Add to diluted metal functioning fluid to increase its life. > > Age 5-6 weeks (1-2 weeks longer). Adding repair fluid frequently does not essential complete flushing of fluid tank.

Maintenance one particular will soon substitute concentrated one within ten years. 886 MW is major maintenance biocide. • 886 MW will work for large metalworking fluid storage containers, above one particular, 000-gallon potential, but not suitable for small-capacity container. Then MWX was developed to serve this segment. Comparison of both products per listed below table.