Essay regarding Putting-up Vending Machines

Putting-up Vending Equipment

Feasibility Study of Putting-up Vending Machines

In the Campus

Partial Fulfillment in

English 10

Prepared by:

Ramil Estores

Honey Beliefs Roa

Evelyn Santoyo

Prepared for:

Prof. Celia Parcon

University or college of the Korea in the Visayas

Iloilo Town Campus

Drive 14, 2006



Background Rationale

A vending machine is a machine that faveur merchandise every time a customer deposits money, validated by a money detector to become sufficient the required item.

For over 60 years, the Vendo Company has helped keep the planet's thirst-quenching drinks cold and readily available for buyers not only where they live, but also where they work, perform shop, travelling and rest.

Vendo initial established alone in London in 1880. That served coca cola bottlers. In the late sixties, Vendo initial introduced vending machine intended for canned refreshments.

Vendo machines started to be more and more popular, especially after coin-acceptor components could identify genuine coins from knockoffs. It generally served the goal of selling snack foods and beverages.

Historical Backdrop

The 1st commercial coin-operated vending devices were released in London, England, in the early on 1880's. Richard Carlisle, an English publisher and book store owner, developed a snack machine pertaining to selling catalogs around the same time. In 1888 the Thomas Adam's Gum Company introduced the very first vending machine to the Usa. Pulver Making Company added animated statistics to the Gum equipment as an extra attraction.

A completely coin-operated restaurant called Horn and Hardart was opened in 1902 and stayed opened up until 62 in Phila.. Moreover, an American inventor known as William Rowe invented a cigarette vending machine. The first computerized vending machine started dishing out soda in to cups.

Famous Snack Machines

Vendorlator manufacturing business of Fresno, California built a series of classic vending machines during the 40's and 50's that typically sold Pepsi and Pepsi. Famous vendorlators included the VMC 28 and VMC 33.

Statement from the Problem

This feasibility research aims to response these next problems:

Significant problem

Is it feasible to put up snack machines within the campus? Small Problems

1 . What is the most preferred type of items that people are willing to buy? 2 . What is the customer's spending capability?

3. Exactly what the three most popular locations for vending equipment? 4. Precisely what is the rate of profitability?

Opportunity and Limitation

1 . Target market

This analyze was executed at the University or college of the Korea in the Visayas, Iloilo Metropolis campus with exactly 100 respondents. The respondents were composed of High school, Management, Marketing and Accountancy college students officially registered for this session school season 2005-2006.

The feasibility analyze focused just on putting-up three snack machines inside the campus according to respondents' value and comfort.

The study regarded respondents' selection of type of merchandise, spending ability and ideal location of the devices.

2 . Suggested Project


SMI-9155 Vending Machine

1 . cost of equipment

P61, 629. 00

installment payments on your size of machine

53”x30. 5”x22. 5

a few. number of items

111 snacks and 155 drinks

5. weight of machine

235 lbs.

five. selection of items

9 appetizers and five drinks

Continuity of assistance is essential to be successful and for this kind of to be achieved, regular feedback is required for the status of your machine, plus the machine has to be secure against vandalism.

3. Marketing

The University of the Israel should take on to raise knowing of the project and its reason through a wide selection of means. Most used a number of of the pursuing approaches: 1 . Announcements in year assemblies, usually in the context of a broader food and nutrition message. 2 . Raising recognition with students through...