Essay about Practicing the Democracy inside the Philippines

Practicing the Democracy in the Korea

" Rehearsing the Democracy”

How does People Power started to be a bad behavior? How does Edsa 3 fail? Where really does President Marcos fall short the moment there are many persons tell that he was a good leader in terms of economical development? Was he dodgy? Why Benigno Aquino is targeted on " assassination” on his selection interviews? Why was Benigno Aquino be the first to get off to the airplane? Why there was zero bodyguard to address him? Do Ninoy realize that he will shortly die? Was it sacrifice? Why does he need to do that so?

When people dislike the procedure of the authorities, they just go out to the office and shout. Rebellion up against the government is what will happen. It�s this that we call People Electric power. When hundreds and even huge numbers of people grouped jointly to dedicate one prevalent goal - a big improvements can happen, Changes in the government, administration, community and also " position”. All can change but not the attitude of every Filipino. Actually, For me, We all Filipino happen to be lazy, We only think is ourselves. We how to start how to work with the leaders. We avoid give the trust. Instead, We are " Juan Tamad” waiting for the guava fell from the side of our innovator. We don't know how to work for ourselves. We all always wish help from the government and that is what the govt is offering to us but we may give any kind of help in go back. Why do we always put each of our anger towards the president? The president could not monitor each one of us for this reason , we have a respected leader in our respectable place. We could be a head in ourselves. All we require is self-discipline and the word of Goodness to govern us. While I was going for walks in gastambide Street last night, I saw several student throwing garbage in the street. I felt madness. The leader will never go there to select it up and put it for the garbage can for them. Apathy. I heard the one explained, " tus! May magwawalis naman january. ” I got angry, nevertheless I won't be able to speak. May they have discipline? Don't they may have an integrity class? Do they know about ethics? Certainly, they have...