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The Way Music Affects Our Life


Calin Allen

Ms. Minion

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March 13, 2013

My Essay of To destroy a Mockingbird

" The greatest measure of a guy is not where he stands in minute of enjoyment convenience, although where he stands at time of challenge and controversy. ”- Martin Luther King Jr. This statement means that it doesn't matter how this individual handles difficult situations on the simplest of that time period, but just how he does it at the most challenging of times. It can be valid because it is still relevant because a most of world frontrunners still encounter simple and tough situation and manage to take care of them great. To Eliminate a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Atticus is one of the bravest characters in the story as they chooses to protect Tom Johnson when no one else even would dare to. Boo Radley is also one of the bravest characters because when Scout and Jem were being attacked by simply Bob Ewell he decided to get Bob Ewell from them after which fight him off. The literary factors, irony and theme pertaining to Calpurnia and Atticus by To Get rid of a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

The smoothness of To Kill a Mocking Chicken that best supports my own interpretation and opinion from the lens can be Atticus, mainly because not only is he a brave man for protecting the one guy no one different will, Tom Robinson. He also taken the rabid dog because it was going to harm his community. And, he decided not to react when Greg Ewell spits in his face. Also, when he decided to safeguard Tom Robinson in the imprisonment cell even when he knew that there was clearly going to become a lynch mob formed to come after Tom. The technique the writer uses will be irony and symbol, examples; Tom Johnson dies at the time you think that Atticus, being a very good lawyer, could help him out of jail. Jeff Robinson's Chasteness in a criminal offense he would not commit, and how he was put to death which may be related to Atticus Finch's offer about how 2 weeks . sin to kill mockingbirds. The character of To Eliminate a Mockingbird that ideal supports my personal best model and opinion of the lens is also Calpurnia, because she's very honest and hard...