Essay about Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Preparing to Educate in the Lifelong Learning Sector


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This paper will focus after the jobs, responsibilities and boundaries in planning, managing and providing learning based around the educating training routine. This includes the application of learning styles to spot the differences of my learners. The issues of entitlement, equality, diversity and Inclusitivity will be addressed. It will likewise address the kind of legislation in my area of expertise as well as the importance of record keeping to maintain quality requirements. The describe of scheme of work, lessons planning, methods used and resources available to meet the needs of my personal learners.



Tasks, responsibilities and functions of the teacher4



Effective Lesson Plan8

Scheme of Work8

Crucial Principle of Learning9


Group Learning12

Learning Styles13

Honey and Mumford Questionnaire13

Domains of Learning14

Assisting Learning14



Source Materials/ Instructing Strategies17

Current Legislation17

Controlling Behaviour and Disruption18

Useful Skills18

Coaching and Support19

Micro teaching19

Explain the need for record keeping? 19

Determining Learning19

Quality Assurance of Examination decisions20

Formative/Summative Assessment20

Do it yourself Evaluation21

Reflecting Journals22

Continued professional Development22




This assignment can look at the tasks, responsibilities and boundaries of any teacher. I will discuss what sort of teacher includes a major result upon college students learning and behaviour. I will discuss the several theories that are related to learning and educating methods and exactly how they can be utilized within your instructing practice. Let me also be aware of my college students learning styles so that my personal students happen to be kept determined and learn properly. This will permit me to allow for their needs. I will identify the important thing aspects of current legislative requirements and unique codes of practice. I will contain how information is accumulated about students and the importance of an Individual Educational Plan. I will examine different types of assessment methods used and the importance of reviews. It will in brief go onto talk about the different types of information you would continue to keep and why I regarded record keeping to be important. I will identify could implemented efficient skills within my subject matter specialism. Let me explain the importance of personal reflection and exactly how it allows you to improve your educating practice.

Functions, responsibilities and functions of any teacher

The role and responsibilities of a teacher differ as is depends upon where and what you will certainly teach. A teachers is not only to teach understanding and skills to all of them, but to motivate them, always be creative and finding strategies to encourage learning. According to Marshall, M (2006). " Perhaps the most significant is completing on the actual know about some area or perhaps subject and ensuring that learners have enough practice and motivation to pass the course”.

There are a variety of roles and responsibilities that I have to carry out since this will help assist me to meet the needs of my learners properly. These may include:

в–Є Following professional values and ethics

в–Є To create a safe learning environment

в–Є Must possess subject knowledge. This shows trainees that you are self-confident

в–Є Provide advice but keep it limited

в–Є Must always take a sign-up

в–Є Observe confidentiality

в–Є Show patience

в–Є Must possess class management abilities

в–Є Must track down college students if they will fail to attend lesson

в–Є Make sure learning takes place

в–Є Use secure equipment

в–Є Diagnostic analysis

в–Є Create needs in the learner

At my induction period at NTC I was furnished with information about the college policies, current...