Essay in Choices and Consequences in aP

Options and Outcomes in "a&P”

Choices and Consequences

In " A& P”, the author John Updike demonstrates the importance of alternatives and their implications. It is important that somebody considers exactly what could take place before making a conclusion. Updike uses the characters of Sammy, the three girls in swimwear, and Lengel in the story to show how important it is to cautiously contemplate the outcomes of their choices.

All of the key characters in the story make a choice and need to endure the consequences. Sammy, the cashier from the supermarket, makes the most obvious decision. After an embarrassing encounter with the three women and his administrator, he gets the choice of moving on and failing nothing got happened, or perhaps standing up pertaining to the girls and doing a thing that he thinks is right. He chooses to give up his task. In a discussion with his administrator, Lengel, Sammy says, " I stated I quit…You didn't have to embarrass them” (Updike 373). He comes after up this gesture by simply walking away and leaving Lengel standing up there. When he does this, however , he knows that this decision will have durable ramifications in the life. This individual recounts the storyline as " sad”. This implies his resignation had a bad effect on him. One result of quitting his task is it triggers a strain in the relationship along with his parents. Just before walking away, Lengel attempts to reason with him. He says, " ‘Sammy, you don't might like to do this to your Mom and Dad, ' he informs me. It's accurate, I no longer. But it seems to me that once you start a motion it's perilous not to proceed through with it” (Updike 373). Sammy should consider his parents before you make the decision of quitting. An additional, more evident consequence is that now Sammy needs to look for a new work. If Sammy quits his job each time he activities a situation he dislikes, his life will become very complicated.

The three women also undergo the consequences from the decision they earn. They built the choice of see the grocery store within their bathing suits instead of normal clothes. Sammy realises...

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