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Huggies to tap doctors to push diaper use

Purvita Chatterjee

Mumbai, By. 10: В В

Convincing an Of india mother to work with diapers on her behalf baby will not be easy. But when doctors or paediatricians suggest the same, it is likely to become worthwhile proposition. Kimberly Clark simon Lever, the maker of Huggies brand, is concentrating on doctors and nursing homes as ‘influencers' to new parents to use pampers right from birth for their babies. " Today, doctors are functioning while key influencers and we work closely with 200 hospitals. Through a targeted education-based plan, both doctors and the hospital staff will be helping us in calling new mothers directly and most of them are thrilled to receive types of the Huggies diaper, ” says Prakash Iyer, Managing Director, Kimberly Clark Lever. Key Difficulties

Yet there are inherent challenges in the Rs one particular, 200-crore diaper category which can be growing by a CAGR of 30 per cent. " Acceptability, availableness and cost are the 3 key difficulties. We have already taken many efforts to beat these types of challenges and these include educating consumers regarding the benefits of diaper usage, making sure easy access to get our products and pricing them competitively, ” says Iyer. Credibility element

Yet more than circulation or cost, it is initial going to end up being acceptability of the category through doctors which can work in its favour. Because Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director, Samsika Promoting Consultants, says, " When there is an influencer for example a doctor, the credibility of the product increases. It is a additional route that may work for the class in terms of changing the way of thinking of the American indian consumer. Training consumers works more than value or division for the diaper category. ” Today, a Huggies diaper is available for as low as Rs twelve and cost is only one of the considerations. Providing a range to match every customer's need is...