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Online Shopping

Project Report For Completing 4 a Semester Mini Project

BUYING ONLINE for Department of Pc Applications, CUSAT

Submitted By simply: MAITREYEE 4th semester, Reg No-95580020 OFFICE OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS, cusat



This is to certify which the project eligible

--ONLINE-SHOPPING-- posted to Cochin University of Science and Technology in partial happiness of the requirements for being the degree of Expert of Pc Applications may be the bona fide record of the task work

made by ----MAITREYEE-------------------- beneath our oversight and assistance during ------------------- to -----------------.

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The satisfaction and euphoria that provide the powerful completion of virtually any task can be incomplete without mentioning the names of folks that made it feasible, whose regular guidance and encouragement crowns all attempts with our success. I lengthen my gratitude to Doctor K. Sixth is v. Pramod, Head- Department of Computer Applications, Cochin School of Research and Technology, Kochi, Kerala for offering me with excellent system and great environment that laid possibly strong basis for my personal professional your life. I would like expressing my serious thanks to Mr. A. SreeKumar, who guided me during the job tenure, supplied me every single details, references, and technological helps devoid of which it was impossible to complete this kind of project. I am likewise thankful to Professor Dr . B. Kannan, and Mrs. S. Malathi for their help and assistance throughout my own project upcoming. Finally. I also wish to thank almost all guest performance and nonteaching staffs for supporting me personally during my complete project operate.




Subject Student's Term Venue with the Project Period Platform Application Software Front End Back End:: JSP MYSQL: TO SHOP ONLINE: MAITREYEE: DCA, CUSAT: 5 months: House windows XP/Vista/7



1 . Introduction installment payments on your System Study 2 . one particular 2 . two Existing System Drawbacks in the Existing Program

3. Program Analysis several. 1 Recommended System three or more. 2 Range 3. three or more Need for the Proposed Program 3. 4 Feasibility Analyze 3. 4. 1 Technical Feasibility several. 4. a couple of Financial Feasibility 3. some. 3 Detailed Feasibility four. Requirement Examination 4. you User Class and Characteristics 4. two Functional Requirements 4. 3 Performance Requirements 4. some Non Practical Requirements 4. 5 External Interfaces Requirements 4. 6 General Restrictions, Assumptions, Dependencies, Guidelines

a few

5. Program Design Requirements 5. 1 Architectural Style 5. 1 ) 1 Data Flow Blueprints 5. 1 . 2 Repository Tables 5. 1 . a few User Circumstance Diagrams 6. Testing several. Software The good quality assurance Plan almost eight. Output Display screen Output of Pages on the lookout for. Conclusion 15. 11. Scope for further advancement Bibliography



Online shopping is the process where consumers straight buy goods, services and so forth from a seller interactively in current without an intermediary service online. Online shopping is a process of ordering goods and services by merchants who also sell around the Internet. Considering that the emergence worldwide Wide Internet, merchants have sought to trade their products to the people who surf the Internet. Consumers can visit web stores from the comfort with their homes and shop because they sit in front of the computer. Buyers buy a variety of items by online stores. In fact , persons can purchase anything from companies that provide goods online. Books, clothing, household appliances, gadgets, hardware, software, and health care insurance are just some of the hundreds of goods consumers can get from an online store. Various people choose to conduct shopping online because of the ease. For example , every time a person retailers at a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, she has to push to the store, find a auto parking place, and walk through the store right up until...