Essay on Brazilian wealth management industry to prosper in the arriving years

Brazilian wealth management industry to prosper in the arriving years

Mumbai, India – 06 30, 2014 – Coming from a human population of 201 million, 4,000 people were grouped as wealthy individuals in Brazil in 2013 alone. Brazil keeps the record of being the main economy in Latin America with the many number of ultra-high net worth people and elements like prosperity creation, GDP growth, and initial open public offerings of Brazilian organizations driving the Brazil riches management industry. This survey: Brazil 2014 Wealth Publication provides intensive research within the high net worth individual (HNWI) populace and wealth management market in Brazil. The record analyzes the wealth management market near your vicinity and highlights the key factors driving the economy.

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Industry trends

As of 2013 there were 191, 703 HNWIs in Brazil, together keeping a total of USD $966 billion in wealth. This was a fall in the initial years' numbers simply by 1 . 3% which was largely due to some setbacks the fact that country experienced which included complexities like inflation, trade shortage and low GDP growth as well as recurrent anti-government protests that affected the country. During this time period Brazilian multimillionaire Eike Batista lost more than USD twenty billion, having the nonofficial record penalized the single major loss of personal wealth in january 2012. The wealth management sector is mainly motivated by a substantial interest via domestic players who would like to strengthen their very own position, along with foreign players who are looking to expand. Foreign firms have got encountered solid competition coming from local organizations; besides red-tapism has been accountable for stalling activity and thwarting growth.

Key players

Participants inside the Brazilian wealth management industry operate one of three several business designs: an integrated...