Police Survey Essay

Police Report

Case No . 2013-41-SP


Upon April you, 2013 Exceptional Agent (SA) Benjamin Jenkins and SOCIAL FEAR Ike Fairlane, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), 10433 Ponderosa Travel, Durango, COMPANY xxxxx, telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx, received a telephone call coming from Agent The author Silverheels, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), 111 Ute Way, The southern part of Ute Of india Reservation (SUIR), CO xxxxx, telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Agent Silverheels presented the following details:

At roughly 9: 30am on The spring 1, 2013, Richard Betcher and Nancy Stuart by Farmington, New Mexico, ceased by to find out Anthony Zepanski at his residence in 730 Hill Highway, SUIR, CO xxxxx. They discovered the body of Mr. Zepanski in the kitchen/dining room and the body system of Ms. Betcher verified that Zepanski and Lightly browning were useless. They then decided to leave the residence instantly. Betcher paniced at first and did not like to get involved; However , after using a discussion with Stuart they drove to the town of Ignacio, CO and contacted Town Marshal David Duschene, 111 Main Street, Ignacio, CO xxxxx, telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Marshal Duschene instantly contacted the Southern Utomhus Police Office (SUPD), 1973 Ute Way, SUIR, COMPANY, xxxxx, telephone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx. The SUPD dispatched Officer Leonard Slye and Official William Boyd to the crime scene. The Officers identified the victims and confirmed the double homicide. They will contacted SUPD Dispatch via radio and secured the scene. Marshal Duschene then simply wrote a great Incident Record regarding the info on Mr. Betcher and Ms. Stuart. The Marshal recommended them to come back to Farmington, Fresh Mexico which a representative from your agency which has jurisdiction in this crime could contact and interview these people. Betcher and Stuart then simply drove to Farmington, Fresh Mexico.

Agent Silverheels recommended that having been at the SUPD Headquarters when the radio meaning was received from the two officers. Agent Silverheels after that, on behalf of the SUPD, approached My...